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Life as a Sponge…

One of the things I love most about being a writer is living life as a sponge…

We absorb everything: the pitch of the irritated lady’s voice in the queue ahead..  the sad creases of disappointment around a little person’s mouth when mom say’s no! to his nagging for a sucker. The flush on the cheeks of a smitten teen.

Life is never boring when you are constantly surrounded by techni-colour material that will breathe life into your next bit of writing.

Even our own insides become grist for the mill… Think about it – we have ringside seats to what churns inside when bad news comes at us down the phone.  How about the adrenalin thumping, squeal-inducing good news we’ve been waiting for?

I’m training myself to savour and ABSORB each moment – good and bad – analyze it, tag on some appropriate words, then file it away in my mental filing cabinet for the ‘write’ moment.

Life is truly a delicious array of  inspiration. Good and bad. All of it can be used.

May you find much opportunity to get thoroughly soaked this weekend!

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