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Dream Seeds

Do you have a dream inside of you that you want to badly that it hurts? A vision for your life that will not let up? Maybe you’ve tried letting it die after yet another disappointment, but all it takes is a piece of music or words falling into place, and the desire rises Phoenix-like – consuming you in its fresh flames.

I’ve tried to give up writing sometimes. The emotional rollercoaster – yay! they like me… despair! they hate me – seemed like too much to put with. Ha! Might as well try to saw off my right hand with a butter knife – it can’t be done.

I’ve come to realize that the dream inside of me has been planted there for a purpose and I’ve been carefully created to achieve that purpose.

Here’s a thought:

Seeds are amazing little things. They are the product of intimacy and a re-mixing of genetic material.

So when God built us, He took a tiny part of His dream – carefully packaged it inside of each one of us, tucked away together with all the right giftings and talents to see that dream fulfilled.  God’s dream inside of us is a remix of genetic material – part Him, part you. Only you can do that bit of what is on His heart. Be it writing, making movies, baking cookies, growing lillies…

 The mind-blowing thing is that the dream seed inside you carries God’s DNA too. His Life, His creative power, His freedom, His enabling – amazing stuff.

Talk to me. What are your dreams?

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  1. Creation’s my dream! Yes, I’ve got my Father’s creative side.
    Stories, poems, music, visual art — I love to craft them all, and share them with any and all who will spare any attention.
    I yearn to see my books on shelves and my musical on Broadway. (That later goal still has a lot of steps to go, but I’m beginning to properly look into what those steps need to be.)
    The feelings I have when I see a gorgeous sketch or read a fantastic tale or hear a song that just makes my heart leap, *that’s* what I want to give to someone else; LOTS of someone elses!
    I want to spread the inspiration around, helping to exponentially grow all the amazing art out there!
    Such is my dream. Now it’s just a matter of doing my part to make them come true, and letting God handle the rest. (So easy, right? Time shall tell…)

    1. My goodness you are a woman after my own heart! I get so excited seeing your vision and passion. GO! GO! GO! Listen, then run. He has got so much that He wants to do through you! 🙂 I can’t wait to read all about your adventures. xxx

      1. 😀

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