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Severely flawed or just a writer?

I’ve been becoming increasingly concerned about myself. There are some character traits that I cannot shake, no matter how hard I try or pray.  For one thing, I am a complete night owl. If I didn’t know better, I’d be concerned that I was harbouring latent vampire genes. If real life didn’t demand that I put in an appearance while the sun was up, I could probably go for weeks productively busy between sundown and sunrise.

I’m also obsessive over details. I get caught up like a burr in woolen socks over whatever my mind hooks onto. If there are no current WIP’s to take centrestage, then my brain will look for something to chew on – a conversation, a look, a feeling. Analyze analyze analyze… process… allow the resultant emotion to take hold of me and dictate. This is not always a good thing and I’m working on it.

I’m also somewhat anti-social. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just like being by myself. School holidays are a real challenge as the days often start with a bed full of sprogs before you are actually ready to open your eyes and continues in a flurry of mom-demanding activities until way past the time you would like to be closing them.  By the time peace and quiet arrives, you are way beyond tired to do anything by surrender to the soft cooing of the duvet.

I was chatting to God this morning, and He gently flicked a switch in my brain. It all became obvious – I’m not odd, weird or degenerate… well, maybe just a little… Truth is, all the stuff above are good ingredients for a life given to churning out words. To write an article, story … novel – one needs to be consumed with details, labour alone for long hours and the best time for this is when the world is asleep.

So I’m not bizarre, just built for a purpose.

That’s a really good thing to know!

Tell me what you are built for…

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  1. Nicely said!

    I’m built for words too, for writing. I too need that space, and school holidays are taxing beyond belief. Gosh, I imagine it actually gets harder when they are all older and none of them are napping? lol Ah well! I’m actually a morning person though, but preferably when I have them to myself. I used to love getting up early and churning out the words before anyone else in the house was awake. Now they can sense when I wake up… sneaky things!

    I think I’m rambling… great post tho 🙂 we are individuals, created for different reasons, and just as well or the world would be a boring place 😉

    1. I must admit, it’s far easier when they’re bigger – Hayley will often stay behind the closed door of her room reading or doing whatever until just before lunch! They are quite capable of keeping themselves busy, but I find my challenge now with my two big girls is to find ways to connect with them and do things together. It’s tempting to leave them busy with their own thing and write – but that would be a big loss of a stunning opportunity methinks!

  2. Yep, I’m pretty much the same, with the exception of the night owl. I work best in the quiet, so go to bed early and get up at 5am 🙂 The analytical part of us which can be such a pain for everyday life is great for writing. As you say, you are built for a purpose 😉

    1. I’ve often wished I could be an owl, not a fowl, but I just don’t function early in the morning. Funny how we are all so different, so unique. To me, there is nothing more stunning than someone who understands what they are built for and are going for it with their whole heart. 🙂 It’s a beautiful thing.

      1. Sorry – meant that the other way around! I am most definately an owl not a fowl…

      2. No worries, I understood what you meant! 🙂 But that journey to find out what you are here for? Damn tough.

  3. Stuff hehehe, Fighter, mime, dancer, writer. Would a label really? make me free I wonder. I couldn’t put on the blinkers of only being some ones son or I would never be my own… man.

    So while we are herding the flock of words and combing there wool for better expression. Let us dance with every inspiration… A tango of fire…. fighting and we give birth to our own gentle message and with it our purposes. And Then again the next fowl chapter of life begins.

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