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Spectatoring, a fine line

Being a writer is a non-stop adventure of self-discovery.  So here’s the latest clanger:

The cat dies, everyone is heartbroken and a section of my brain detaches itself and starts chewing on… how would I write this?  How do you adequately capture the depth of emotion brimming over in a kiddies heart that runs out in tears down their cheeks?

Sometimes I burn dinner. Do I scurry around scraping together Plan B? Well, eventually. But first I get sucked into putting words to the stench in the kitchen, the blackened pot. What phrases would work best to convey the head-slap I should give myself for being careless? Hmmmm….

And so each moment of life is analyzed and tagged, tucked away for the ‘write’ moment.

And sometimes I forget to just live. Feel the feelings, cry. Without the log. 

So there’s the fine line… to live as a writer is to be a sponge of life, but never to the point that you become a permanent spectator. That in itself is worth writing about.







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  1. Totally agree! I am a sponge as well. I’ll hear a word, see something happen, have a conversation, and that’s where my story will pick up. Great post!

  2. I agree, never be a spectator in life… don’t forget about the moments of ‘sit back and relax’ while not being the writer… it helps balance the books.

    One can be a specialist and have special talents but we miss so much if we allow habits and familiarity prevent us from going new places. So how does one do it…? There is likely no formula, but one thing is sure – sometimes there is more to be gained from vegetating in your fav place with all media off.

    Talking in a general sense here… outside influences. If you find the thought or the action of doing nothing sometimes so foreign that you just cannot do it more than 5 minutes at a time, that’s a sure sign you need to do it more often. It will come to you to a point where every working moment you have will be meaningful and you will see beauty around you that you never knew existed and wonder how you could have missed it before. Fortunately you don’t need hours on end, just a little time each day and practice 🙂

    All the stuff you thought was arb and lowly? Being a mom for one… what so often becomes the mundane day to day will become your favourite hobby in the world.

    For some it’s just combating being busy, for others it’s seeing the joy in the moment instead of simply the analysis of it.

    There will ALWAYS be writing material on this planet… and the expression of a writer is in their soul, not eloquent speech… It comes from living… the speech will follow. Our brightest moments exist outside of the babel we call language… especially if you have the gift 😉

    1. Well said, that’s actually beautiful, no-one can write of victory if they have never won or battle unless they have found or life unless they can find their own life truly lived.

      1. Fought

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