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Hey! Hush and wait your turn.

Its quite normal for me to have 3 small people, AKA my kids, all talking to me at the same time at any given time of the day or night. Sometimes my brain successfully follows all three threads, and can produce reasonably intelligent responses at more or less the right times. Other times? Well, lets just say I’m not that successful. But lets not make this about the fact that I haven’t managed to massage manners into my childrens brains yet, ok? Thats NOT the point. Read as – beyond here, be dragons… back off and nobody gets hurt.

The scary thing is, my kidlets aren’t the only voices bouncing around the space between my ears. No no… there is also a continually writhing chorus of assorted hairy critters all clamoring for my attention.


Ideas for things I want to write.

Ideas… There’s that piece I want to write for a crafty mag that seems open to humour pages. And don’t forget the growing collection of uber-catchy kiddy book titles… hmmm my fingers itch at the very thought. Chicken Soup for the Soul < about five possibles here. Even as I’m writing this blogpost, they are lurking there in the background, squirming and elbowing for a spot centrestage in my brain.

And I’m valiantly attempting to teach them some manners too and its proving pretty darn tricky. Get back in the queue, pipe down and wait your turn. Hey! You there! Travel article, get back here! You are NOT allowed to dribble out my earhole. Stay put and shoosh. If you’ll all just hush up, I’ll get to you sooner.

And so I’m left with a waiting room full of restless thoughts. Ideas that are clamoring to be written. And they are going  to have to just hang in there and wait a bit longer. Why? Cause my have-to’s need writing too. And I’m not complaining.

As all my writer friends will agree, rather a brain full of ideas that your fingers can’t move fast enough to process, than an orderly brain – swept and tidy, that leaves ones fingers twitchy and bored.

Its a simple equation really… messy brain + busy fingers = happy writer.

Ok everybody, line up. Its bedtime and I don’t want you all tiptoeing through my dreams again like last night…

One Comment

  1. Wow, great blogs Di. Such honesty & humour. I must say I feel like a bit of a spy having a peep into someone els’s life, but your writing is so entertaining. Keep at it!

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