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Setting fire to rainy pavements

My girls have gone bonkers over Adele. They spend the afternoons belting out her songs at the top of their voices with varying degrees of success. Even the 4yo manages the angst and the volume (!) though the words are a liquidized smoosh of bad-a-baaaaaa, wop wop…

This is all good, I enjoy her music. There is just one itsy-bitsy teeny leetle problem. My brain is notoriously sticky. And boy do these songs stick! 

You see, my most fruitful plotting gap, when it comes to my current writing projects, is flat on my back in bed with the lights out. You know that time of day when most sensible people are sleeping? That. Except now, instead of a brain full of my characters and their plights, I have Adele. Singing loud. Full of angst. She. Never. Shuts. Up. 

She is one seriously tough woman to push into a corner and ignore. Maybe I need to write her into my book. NOT! *shudders*

So there you have it. My brain is full of rainy pavements and some-poor-soul-like you. Kinda makes me want to hunt down Will Smith and demand he use his MIB flasher thingy on me.

Do you have a recurring mental torture song? (Moms – other than Barney. We all have Barney issues.)

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  1. Ha Ha! My problem isn’t some tortuous song–it’s run-on sentences from every conversation or book I’ve ever read in constant replay. this is good, not that one, this one, OMG this is the pits, get over it Jeannie….a never-ending story!!

    Take heart…maybe she’s the next Adele in the making and will support you in later years in the fashion you’d like to be accustomed! LOL

    1. Hehe! I love it. Maybe our brains are actually just super-clued up to remember random stuff so well. 🙂

      LOL@next Adele… that would be rather nice!

  2. Now I have Will Smith’s MIB song in my head!!! lol

    I often get songs stuck, or, and every time I admit this I get funny looks, circus music!!!

    Here come the men in black….

  3. We could do a little dance to that there song 🙂

    Circus music? Geesh Cassie… that may just be worse than Adele!

    1. it’s pretty strange, I have to admit. it’s been my default ‘stuck in my head’ music for probably a decade now, maybe more… I sometimes start humming along to it, but that ALWAYS gets me odd looks and isn’t appropriate sometimes!

  4. Heh-heh… my poor dad once got stuck listening to Barney while he was trying to nap off a fever. I think he still loves us, though.
    Half of the songs continually looping through my head seem to be from the musical “Wicked”.
    “Popular”… “Defying Gravity”… “What Is This Feeling?”… and (okay, this one may be my own fault for cheerfully replaying it on YouTube 20 times in a row) “No One Mourns the Wicked”.
    As you note, it’s not always particularly conducive to concentrating on things like writing…or getting through a conversation without the strong itch to burst into song. Music stuck in one’s head can almost start to feel like a fever in itself, can’t it?

  5. Hehe! Deshipley you make me laugh. Methinks living to music in one’s brain is a sign of being a deeply happy person. 🙂

  6. Just saw Adele on the Grammies — she’s the hit of the night there.

    Truly an amazing talent with a wonderful future.
    Right up there with the Beatles in my book

    1. Oh absolutely, she is quite the legend. What amazes me, is that her music appeals to all ages. She is not limited to any particular generation. That is seriously impressive.

  7. stuck in you head is called an “earworm” in the US. 🙂

    1. NO! That is a mental image that will have me squirming all day! But then I have a thing about bugs and ears…

  8. Whoa–sorry about that image. Such is the power of the word upon the brain.

    How about some warm fuzzy Golden Retriever puppies playing with adorable toddlers in a field of daisies under azure skies? Does that clear the image?

    [insert lame smiley icon here]

    1. MUCH better! >insert cheesy grin<

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