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Watch this baby dance!

These are my baby’s feet from Sunday, painted and printed at children’s church. I call her my baby, but in truth she is 4-going-on-16, designed purely to keep me mentally agile. Wow can that little girl argue! Somewhere out there, is a lawyers cap with her name on. We have so much fun together. And yes, my energy does run out with predictable regularity – but it’s all good.

The reason I’ve popped her little feet at the top of this post though, actually has nothing to do with her, and everything to do with all of us who have it built into our DNA to write. One of my favourite lines in the Bible says something like ‘do not despise the day of small beginnings’. I’ve broadened it in my mind to ‘do not despise daily small progress’. No matter how small. Any movement forward is better than no movement at all. Any number of words added = more words than were there before. Baby steps can get you a finished novel. S’true!

Methinks I should have it tattooed on my forehead.

Just keep writing, just keep writing… what do we do? We write, WRITE, WRITE!

You do realize that just by reading this blog, you have become something like my accountability buddy? Lucky you! *fat grin* So here is my progress since my last post. Watch this baby dance… I have only 2990 words left to go on one of my pre-pudding dinner projects. If this doesn’t make any sense to you, see my previous post On Being Grown Up and Not Getting Swallowed . Once written, I have to add discussion questions – 4 for each of the 12 stories. Then there is a solid round of editing, then… drumroll… DONE.

After that, I’ll tackle ‘project #2’ and then… maybe … just maybe… my book.

I’m taking baby steps daily.

I live in hope! What are you hoping for?

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  1. True 🙂 Progress is progress. The same principle applies to most things in life. how many newlyweds today want to go from married to owning everything that opens and shuts in one fell swoop? When my folks got married, they owned a coffee table and mattress… but they had each other! Life is about the bits between start and finish more than finish itself. I think it’s not as much about arriving as it is about being further down the road than we were before.

    1. Too true. Sometimes I think it would be nice to be able to hit a button and zoom out so you can see how far down the road we are. 🙂

  2. Look at you go! Shake that booty!!

    I love this post. Positive affirmations. Accountability. Progress.
    And in writing, every word counts. You are doing great! And you will be able to tell you sweet little bundle of bouncing energy how she motivated mommy to get her writing project done. 🙂 And here’s the proof in this post–you put it in writing!

    Carry on!

    1. Aaaaah Jeannie! You are so good for me, you have no idea! xxx

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