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Things aren’t what they seem…

If you had peeped into my bedroom this morning at 8, you would have thought – look at that lazy thing, tucked up under the duvet doing nothing. You would have, in fact, been dead wrong. Oh yes – to a casual observer it would seem that I was lying very snug and still, but what you would never have guessed is that my mind was rolling Chapter 6 around, figuring out the best way forward for my characters.

I’ve realized my eldest kiddo employs the same strategy in the mornings before school. She’ll eat breakfast, then have a five minute lie-in under the duvet. This used to drive me insane. I’d resist the urge – oh alright, I didn’t really try – to yell at her to get moving you’re going to be late! Then one morning, the lights went on. She began rolling her eyes up, the way she does when she’s thinking, quietly counting on her fingers… I listened really carefully. She was not singing the latest Adele song, she was in fact going through what waited for her that day. She was planning – not dozing. Outside? Dozing. Inside? Planning!  Wow.

Turns out whoever said that you can’t judge a book by its cover, was telling truth.

This got me thinking. What about life? Has your life ever looked like someone took a giant blender through the middle of it and laughed at the chaos? I know mine has. If you look on the surface, there is every reason to stop the train and demand a refund. But! In those times of trouble, you have no idea what is being established inside of you through the very things you would choose to avoid.

I have a sneaky feeling that if we choose to live by what we see with our eyes, if we let the externals dictate to us – we’ll live lives that fall far short of what we’ve been created for…

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  1. Nothing is ever what it seems.
    Sometime’s it’s a blessing or a dream

    What a neat picture– obviously your daughter has her mother’s logical plan-ahead mind.

    Re: getting up. If we kids on the farm lingered, Dad would just send in one of the dogs after tossing a tennis ball onto the bed.

    Worked every time.

    1. OH good grief I would have died! Let’s just say … I like waking up gently. Very gently! haha

  2. there’s so much going on under the surface ‘chaos’–why do we humans tend to jump to conclusions and make assumptions (often wrong by the way as you found out!). I think it is so very cool that you are able to live life thoroughly in overdrive! 🙂

  3. Love your blog! My dad used to get up about 3 hours before work… then take a long shower, pretend to do yoga, eat breakfast for 45 (!) minutes… he said he was “processing” things. I say, whatever works. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night because I keep turning the characters and plot devices over in my mind. It’s exhausting. ; )

  4. I’m so glad nothing is as it seems. Life would be too boring otherwise. Great thoughts.

  5. You are my kind of person. You’ll find me in the same place mullying over how I can possibly have so many chapters that go no where.
    “I have a sneaky feeling that if we choose to live by what we see with our eyes, if we let the externals dictate to us – we’ll live lives that fall far short of what we’ve been created for…” This is beautiful.

  6. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as clean as when I arrived. I’ll be back!

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