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Inspired by… THAT?


So the grody thing in todays exotic photo is a dishevelled black satin sash that I took with me to Conference on a whim. It was lurking in between two dance costumes and I turned a blind eye and let it creep in.

It found its way into writing class one morning. Who knew an ugly sash could be such fun?

First step was to list its characteristics… that was fairly simple. Black, satin, creased, long enough to use as a belt, well-used, ugly (oh yeah, we didn’t shy away from hurting its feelings), double-sided… the list when on. One writer even spotted a tiny hole that the rest of us missed.

The next step was to write a negative story (flash fiction style) using the sash as inspiration… Just for fun, I joined in. Here is mine…

A Date With Death

It was meant to be the perfect date.

Her dress swirled around her ankles in a froth of chiffon, caught at the waist with a sash of black satin.

It took one.

One drunk driver.

Shattered journey, severed arm.

A black sash that could not stop the bleeding.

He was gone. She was alone.

Her date now, with death.

The final step was to write another story, this time a positive one, using the same departure point. You guessed it – the ugly sash.


My toes sink into soft carpet. I inch forward, blinded by a sash so tight, I can feel every eyelash. Stacey snorts behind me, giggling.  “Don’t peep!” she choaks out between chuckles, “It’s a suprise!”

My arms wave like a double-minded windsock. My hand hits a wall of warmth. A wave of familiar scent washes over me, stirring memories like leaves in a gust.

A different chuckle, deeper now. Time turns sticky as I tear off the sash…


The point? There were four of us and an ugly sash in writing class that day. The good-for-nothing sash was the inspiration for no less than eight stories. All of them very different, all with good potential.

So who agrees with me… for a true writer, inspiration is EVERYWHERE! 


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  1. Definitely everywhere! Very intriguing the flash fictionettes 😉

  2. Three cheers for the good-for-something-after-all sash! Both stories were well packed with emotion — the second of which being by far the more pleasant, but there’s no denying the first’s quality. (:

  3. Yes, as long as the imagination is willing:)

  4. Love those shorties. It’s amazing how not just the right words, but good use of them makes all the diffs. EMJV

  5. Wow. Some awesome writing there!

    1. Thank you! We had such fun. 🙂

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