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Published? No… Available to read? Yes!


Friends, this is Shackles. You know, the one I thought would be paying the bills 2 months after penning ‘the end’? Yeah that one…

I wouldn’t call it published, I prefer to think of it as being available online to be downloaded, read and (crosses fingers) enjoyed. It is slowly filtering through the system and should be available at your favourite ebook store shortly.

In a way, I’m sowing this one. Off you go little words, off into the big wide world to do what you were strung together for…

Credit for the cover must go to the fabulous WolfWorx, who happens to blog right here on WordPress. If you haven’t popped across to his blog, go check it out now. He is a seriously talented photographic artist who also happens to be my seriously cool big brother. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed working with Smashwords. It’s a stunning ebook concept, extremely well organised & managed. I think this whole process will make me more useful as a writer and a friend of writers.

I’ve also been playing with a new website. Isn’t it pretty?

I’m done yakking, your turn. What have you been up to?


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  1. Congratulations on having your book “out there”

  2. Congratulations, Dianne!

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