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Going back, to move forward


So this novel I’m working on is being as stubborn as a donkey neck-deep in peanut butter. I distinctly remember with my other two, being so full of ideas and words at times, that I’d choose writing over a nap. With this one? The naps win. Every time.

Part of the problem is that it’s my first dabble in a fantasy / supernatural genre. World-building is not for sissies, trust me. That aside… it still refused to gell.

Many naps A nap or so later, I’ve realised that I’ve been handling the transitions between the two realms incorrectly. Shifted my thinking and VOILA! It now feels right.

So I’m heading back… rewriting the offending sections. I know that by the time I reach the end of what I’ve written, the words will still be pumping and I can’t wait.

A little bit like life, isn’t it? Sometimes when you feel stuck, the best thing you can do is look back. Maybe it’s a simple apology or putting something right that will oil your wheels and get you going again.

What do you do when you feel stuck? (In life or writing)

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  1. I simply just do something different to break up the monotony (in writing) 🙂

  2. It’s not the writing that’s hard, it’s the re-writing 🙂

    1. Yoh JZ, this one has had me jumping through hoops backwards. Stubborn stubborn story! Nice to see you 🙂

  3. When I get stuck, I go play a round of disc golf. Or eat some cookies. If I’m feeling really stuck, I shove cookies in my pocket and then go play disc golf.

    Sometimes, it’s as easy as working on something else and coming back to it fresh.

  4. When I feel stuck, I do something else, which usually is… cleaning my house. Seriously.
    This helps me cleaning my mind too, so that after, I can start brainstorming, both alone and with friends. Brainstorming is what usually gets me umstuck 🙂

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