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Being Stretched … Thoughts on Fizzers

I’ve been thinking about Fizzers. See those pink sweeties? That’s them. Fizzers are weird. If you try eat them when they are cold, they are so brittle, they snap and will do their best to take a tooth-or-two with as they break. This is what you get if you bend a cold one. (Bending / eating … both aren’t particularly successful.)

But if you take time to warm a Fizzer before bending it… You can fashion it into any shape you like. (See pic #3.) Life has been pretty odd over the last few years. Hubs was unemployed for the best part of 2017, then he got a job out of town so that we have to live apart. If that wasn’t enough, he suffered a massive aortic dissection in October. (I should have lost him but I didn’t.)

Through that time, my writing time shrunk down to next to nothing. I was working, single-momming, teaching Zumba to try make ends meet. I was so far from being in control of anything, it was crazy. So many things aren’t even close to the ‘ideal’ I’d hoped for in my head. Throw in loadshedding, the drought and Corona… #funtimes.

I found myself spread thin. So thin I might have been see-through if you squint and tilt your head. Weirdly, we did pretty good there in the bizarre land of Not Ideal. Hubster and I managed to stay sweet. The girls and I laughed, danced around the kitchen while we cooked…

How could I be okay with this? I ate a Fizzer and clicked. All the weird things I’d been through warmed me. No, let me rephrase. I’d been held in God’s warm loving hands through it all, and He’s used it all. Every awkward, sore thing that should have snapped me, made me softer in His hands because I was held with love and grace.

I was spread thin, but not snapped.

Now I’m putty in His hands – ready for pretty much anything that comes to me filtered through His love and grace. Big question – do you like Fizzers? Even bigger question – do you ever feel like you are that cold Fizzer about to snap under the pressure of life? Dear friend, stay in His Hands.

Originally posted to FB in 2019. Rephrased here to be current.

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