Spirit Walkers YA Urban Fantasy

Kai was born with the ability to see brokenness and to fix it. But when a freak accident leaves him trapped in the spiritual realm, he discovers a sinister side to being gifted—much darker than he’d ever imagined. With Affinity Recruiters hunting him down, Kai has to learn how to stay alive, use his gift to save his friends, and stop the flood of evil threatening the world. Can he do it before time runs out?

Kai was born with the ability to see brokenness and to fix it. This ability has a name: Affinity. Saved from death and freed from the spiritual realm, all Kai wants is a chance to go back for the friend he left behind. But his simple rescue mission is sabotaged and all the broken, homeless kids from the OS are sent back into the spiritual realm with him to be recruited, marked and re-purposed by the enemy. Cut off from the source of his ability, Kai is plunged into a desperate struggle against time to rescue them all before their blood is on his hands.

Kai is determined to reverse the damage of dark Affinity training but his plans are thrown into chaos by the appearance of a mysterious pendant. Is the pendant a tool to help him or is it a dangerous trap set by the enemy?

The power of it is more deadly and far-reaching than Kai could imagine. To unlock the truth, he’ll need to venture into the enemies territory – deep into the Darklands.

With the veil between the natural and the spiritual thinning, Kai needs to find answers and he needs them fast.