The List Books

Do Something Brave.
Do Something Selfless.
Do Something Kind.
Break a Never.
Stop an Always.
Figure out God.

A broken heart, a ballroom instructor and a fish that can’t swim straight.

“Some people write a bucket list, you know… things they want to do and tick off before they die. Honestly? Dying doesn’t seem half as scary as the big-O birthday that’s hunting me down. So I’ve made my own list. Things I want to do and tick off before I eat that birthday cake. So far, it’s not going too well.”


Fresh from a spectacular break-up and faced with a looming big-O birthday, Meg throws her cautious nature aside and signs up for dance classes. Little does she know that Ballroom will stretch more than just her muscles. Between the charming dance instructor and his secrets, her grumpy neighbor and a fish that can’t swim straight, Meg’s list seems doomed from the start.


Heart-felt and funny, Meg’s list-crossing quest takes her so far out of her comfort zone, she may never find her way back.

Never Surprise Me
Never Keep Secrets
Never Have Expectations

A grieving daughter, her ex-best friend & a truckload of secrets.

Isla-Skye Whittaker knows exactly what she doesn’t want.

Years of caring for a reclusive, terminally-ill mother will do that for you. But when packing up Ma’s things after the funeral, Isla finds a laptop with emails that paint a very different picture. She begins to wonder how well she actually knew her staid-old mom.

Driven by a strong sense of curiosity, um … duty, she sets out on a quest to find Ma’s odd collection of friends and personally deliver the news of her passing.


Griffin Stewart used to be the boy-next-door. He was also Isla’s best friend until a momentously awkward moment shredded their friendship at the age of 12. They ditched each other and moved on.

Now, Isla’s travels take her back to the old neighborhood, and right into Griffin’s backyard.


What starts as a simple road-trip soon escalates into an adventure that pushes Isla to the edge of all her never’s.

300 Handmade Wedding Invitations
300 Name Tags
300 Thank You Cards
Equals 1 Month’s Rent
The wedding must go on!

She needs her rent money. He’s a cynic with secrets.

Emma Redwood is in the exclusive wedding card business. When a called-off wedding threatens her rent money, she’s left with no choice: meddle or lose her home. She soon discovers that playing cupid has its challenges. She needs help, and she needs it fast. What better accomplice than the ex-best man?

Benedict Holmes was reluctant to be his friend’s best man. He agreed to it, knowing that someone would need to be there when it all fell apart. Which it did, spectacularly. His relief is short-lived when the stubborn Ms. Redwood comes knocking on his door, insisting he help her reunite the two and get the wedding back on track. Her meddling pokes into his past and the real reason for his wedding doubts.

In the mess of three-tier cakes, secrets and flying emotions, Emma soon finds that the rent money isn’t all that’s at stake.