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Psst! You want to see something gorgeous? (Hint: it starts with ‘cover’ and ends with ‘reveal’!)

Friends! This is kinda like those 4D scan pics that mommy-to-be’s flash around. You know there are still months to go, but you can’t help squinting at the image hoping not to see signs of Uncle Hubert’s nose. No Uncle Hubert from this angle. Honestly though, isn’t it lovely? OH FINE. I’ll show you the […]

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Humility vs Perfection and the sweet space in between

Humble is a good place to live, right? I’ve had an interesting week. Shackles, the first novel that I wrote (over a decade over *cough*) never found an official publishing home. It did get my foot in the door with my current publishing house though, so I’m grateful for that. A few years back, I […]

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