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This feels yucky…

Today, I have to do one of the yuckiest things I’ve ever had to do in my author career. But before we get into that, let’s back up a bit.

Imagine you’ve invited friends to come for tea and cake. Not just any cake, but your special grandma’s-secret-recipe-insert-your-favorite-cake. You’ve spent the morning mixing and stirring and it’s finally in the oven. You tidy up, get out the cups and whatnots. Everything is set.

Then the unthinkable happens. The power goes out … while your cake is still in the oven.

What do you do? Dish up half-baked cake in bowls with spoons? Cancel the party? Cry?

Well, my dear friends. My electricity has run out and I have been crying. Honesty coming up, feel free to skip the next few lines if you’d prefer not to know. Simply this – I’ve been working hard earning to clear debt and there hasn’t been much of me left to write books and meet my pre-order deadlines.

My Undertow cake is half-baked. Do I dish up a soggy, thrown together, unbaked book? Do I rush to finish, meet the deadline, but know that it falls so far short of what it should be? NO! You guys deserve only the best.

So instead of uploading a beautifully finished manuscript by the deadline today, I have to cancel the pre-order. To say I feel sick about it is the biggest understatement. But … it is what it is. Life right now is tough for many of us. (I see you.)

Here’s where the cake analogy fails though. We all know a half-baked cake tends to flop and fail. Given extra time and space, our Undertow cake is going to rise and be completely delicious. So what now? If you want to know when I’ve typed The End and the book is available … click on the cover and I’ll keep you in the loop. I’m off to have a little cry now.

Lots of love to you, from me xx

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  1. You’re making the book the best it can be. Absolutely the right thing to do ?

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