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Slice ‘n Dice – tackling this messy thing called “life”

Don’t know about you, my life refuses to play along. No sooner do I think I’ve nailed it to the floor, when it wriggles and morphs and evades my desperate clutches… again…

I want to be organised, productive and fruitful in everything I do.  I want to bounce out of bed each morning, slaughter a few giants, mow some mountains down to size and go to bed knowing the world is a better place for having me in it.

I guess there’s always next week.

You see, this week I sat with my sick kiddo cuddled on my lap at 2:30am because she was feeling rotten and couldn’t sleep.  This week I sewed sequins onto my niece’s dress so she can do that modelling contest her heart is set on. This week I made lunch – five times. Dinner? Five times.  This week, my car got an unscheduled internal wash courtesy a frozen lolly that got away from my 2yo. I revised collective nouns and Afrikaans tenses with my 12yo. This week I watched her play flute – alone in the middle of a huge hall, scared silly because of her new braces and cried because I was so proud I thought my chest would explode.  This week I phoned my sister on the other side of the country, snorted and sobbed our way through an overdue catch up.

There’s no way I could have planned all those into my diary at the end of last week, but there is equally no way I’d call any of them wasted time. Even now I can feel the sulky glares from the have-to’s in my diary.  And I’ll get to them.  Even if it’s during the 10 minutes between one thing and another. 

So I’m taking a page from . I’m going to make the minutes count. Can you kill a giant in a ten minute chunk? Probably not, but you can get a good nibble off his toes. The trick is to stay at it.

Right, these 10 min’s are up. I’m off to play taxi.

Keep nibbling, your giants will fall!

Comments (4)

  1. “I guess there’s always next week”… Words to live by! 😀

    1. So glad we think the same! 🙂

      1. Yep, just you and me, dear. No one else. Noooo one else. 😀

        1. You know… I had my suspicions… now I know! haha. Yay us!

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