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Your winter is over


Today’s post is a little unusual, so bear with me. If you get to a point that you feel it’s not for you, you are most welcome to go make some tea and carry on with your life, or move on to the next blog. I won’t be offended in the slightest. Promise.

In the December holidays, I decided to move our Allamanda from one side of the garden to the other. We’ll be building a garage sometime and that bed will be abandoned. (You can read the tragic saga of our ensuite garage here.) I love my Allamanda with its bright happy trumpets, I couldn’t bear the thought of giving up on it. We planted it way back when we first moved in, so it’s pretty much part of the family. You know, that part that lives in the garden and doesn’t come in for meals. Surely every family has one? Many years of happy growth means it was broadly spread on top and underneath the soil. I needed to move this rather large plant by myself, and the only way to do it, was to chop back the top and the roots quite harshly.  

I know what all the books say about transplanting – take all the roots with, dig a square 1m x1m and so on. I’m a girl. I can only do so much and, in faith, I did. For weeks, seven to be precise – not that I’m counting – there was every indication that I had committed vicious planticide. The severely hacked branches looked good for only one thing – firewood. BUT! At the beginning of this week, I went over to have a look… and it was sprouting! Vibrant green life peeping through the seemingly dead wood. I won’t lie. I nearly hugged my little plant.

Why am I telling you this? You see, that first day when I started hacking my plant in preparation for the move, I felt God whisper to me that this action was significant. I’m learning to listen when He whispers, He often says the most important things in a whisper. This is what I believe He was saying…

You may feel as if your life has been severely chopped back. Things have been stripped away from you, top and bottom. You’ve been in a place of fruitlessness with no sign of any life or progress.

That season is over. You have been moved to a different place – not one doomed for destruction and abandonment, but a place of growth and fruitfulness. A place of LIFE. For a time there was no visible evidence of His working inside of you, in your life – but now its bursting through the seams in glorious technicolour!

No more dry, dead bark.

Now green shoots and bright flowers.

Welcome to Spring!

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  1. You ARE a girl! It’s good you didn’t realise it’s 1m CUBED, not square – that might just have pushed you over the edge. JUST KIDDING! Heh. Well done, and why on earth would I be anywhere else drinking tea when I have your thoughts to share 🙂 With my cup of tea of course! This is such a happy story. I love the pic. TYVMMDF for sharing.

    1. Oh my word I’m laughing! 1x1x1 🙂 Methinks I shall go make some t myself. 🙂

  2. Wow Dianne – this is sooooo inspiring. Gordy & I were feeling a bit passed our “use by” date but in the last month or so exciting things are beginning to happen again. My darling Gordy turned 78 yesterday and the Lord is beginning to open doors for him, workwise & that will result in much needed finance. His pension only goes so far. He spends a lot of time in the word now instead of raging at the computer – this is very good for me!!
    We will celebrate our 53rd wedding anniversary on June 27th – have been some good & challenging years. He has become my pal as well as husband & lover. Jesus is the lover of our souls, we are so privileged to be a part of His Body. Life is exciting. We also love allamandas – did have a huge one in our garden in Dorchester Heights. We left it there for the next owner to enjoy. Thank you for sharing this. Lol Una

  3. Uplifting and spiritual.

    Reading your blog is good for my disposition. 🙂

    Looking forward to spring here as well. The maples are budding and we are drawing sap on the farm as I’m here now for the weekend.

    It’s snowing, cold, and foggy at the moment, but it won’t last and it will be 50 and sunny on Monday.

    Life goes on. Mom’s daffodils are up 3 inches,and garlic is pushing it’s way up through the snow in the garden

    Life’s good.

    1. That makes my smile. Thank you Jim. 🙂 Budding maples… sounds beautiful!

  4. Loved this message. Learning to listen with our inner ear. Everything has meaning.

    1. Thank you Grandfathersky. I often wonder how much we miss in the rush of keeping up with life.

  5. That inner voice is significant. Bloom where you are planted sweet one! You’re awesome. xoxox

    1. Means so much to me Jeannie. Thank you!

  6. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing such an encouraging story. I feel we get so busy we don’t take a few minutes to hear what God is whispering to us, his gentle guidance, love and healing. I’ve been your plant many times , but God has brought me through each time. He’s renewed my faith and brought peace and beauty to my life again. I would love to repost this to my blog if you are ok with that?

    1. Absolutely Jen. I couldn’t settle this morning till that was written, I’m grateful that it is being read!

      I hear you – a faith-walk is not for sissies and yet His faithfulness is so completely dependable. Sending much love your way!

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    I wanted to share this with everyone. Dianne is a great writer and expresses herself so well. Check her out at:

  8. Thank you many times over for the inspiration. Ah, responding to the whispers – it’s all so very new to me. Fifty+ years of doing others’ bidding…it’s scary to trust the whispers and make the leap. You sharing your experience is marvelous for this Doubting Thomas (more accurately TimidTina) to hear. Your message couldn’t have come at better time. Please keep spreading your truth and wisdom. Nikki

    1. Nikki – reading your comment… makes me feel so many things… so grateful that this was meaningful to you… excited for you! … humbled … so happy to be walking our journeys together. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. I loved this story!! I transplanted a beautiful dogwood tree a long time ago in order to make room for our deck and I was so afraid we had lost it I went out and checked it all the time and even gave it love pats of encouragement. How very exciting it was when I discovered the first signs of life. How I love springtime!

    1. Joy… there is something so significant in watching something that has every appearance of being dead start showing signs of life. It is like visual, living proof that there is hope beyond hope. 🙂 Love that you patted your tree!

  10. I love that you have moved it, loved it and that you treasure it. I think it will mean all the more. This is a lovely post as I go into winter and you come out of it.

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