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Fruitful waiting

All writers know what it means to wait. And wait. And wait some more… Waiting to hear from agents, publishers… All the while trying not to hope too much that this could be the one, this could be the Big Break. Only to have it all come crashing down in a two line form email. We vow off writing, throw in the keyboard and take up knitting. Two days and three scarves later, we just can’t help ourselves. We start all over again – the next agent, publisher…

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster!  Well – that’s the end of it for me.

No more writing? No more hankering after publication, fame and fortune? Of course not! I can’t stand knitting scarves.

No – what I mean is this: today marks the end of fruitless waiting.  From now on I’m going to keep churning out stuff. Does it matter that I’m working on my second novel before anything has happened with #1? Nope.  Does it matter that I’m only 3 assignments into my Writing for Children and Teenagers course? Not at all. Little Tiger Press – get ready for my stuff!

Sometimes I am a finely tuned waiting machine and other times I am a jittery bag of hope and despair that checks my email every two minutes. But from now on… I will be productive.

Here’s wishing you all the best as you pursue your dreams!

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  1. I’m under the impression that you were not submitting simultaneously? Yeah, I’m no good at knitting either. Writing is what I do, no matter how many books and stories I churn out, nothing can change that. So, until the day I die, I’ll be writing.

    I admit, about half way through your post, I thought you were giving up writing! Thank goodness you aren’t. 🙂

    I too, would like to wish you all the best.

  2. I don’t have huge amounts of time (working mom to 3, quite involved @ church, dance group etc etc) so I dribble out the submissions as I can (not that I wait to hear from one before sending to another.) So I guess thats “sort-of” simultaneous submissions! 😀

    I’ve tried giving up at times, it’s like hacking off my right hand with a butter knife – can’t be done. I can see it’s the same for you!

  3. Yeah, however I wrote quite a few books after that. Once I realized that the self published book was dribble because I wrote it in highscool, I decided to start the series over from book one, considering that my skill has improved greatly.

    That sucks, because my sister in law works for a christian publishing company. Well, she did. When the economy went to crap, so did the company. They no longer exist now. 🙁

  4. Good luck!

    I’ve finally got the hang of ‘forgetting’ down to an art. I hit ‘send’ on my submission emails and then promptly (well, after noting where and when I sent it) push it from my mind and get on with the next project.

    I see you’re a mum of 3? well done! I’m currently pregnant with baby number 3, who is due to enter the world in another couple of months. Though I have the luck to be a stay at home mum – you certainly sound like you have a very full and fulfilling life!

    1. That is an excellent way of putting it – ‘forgetting’. I really think we’re on to something productive here. 😀

      Your little number 3 is on the way! That is so exciting. I love having 3, I feel complete. It has its moments, but for the most part we have a lot of fun together. What is your due date?

      1. July 3rd! It seems far away and yet very close at the same time. 3 is my favourite number, so it’s where we’ll be stopping – actually, I was blessed to have this baby sneak through the defence system as hubby didn’t want any more than 2 😉

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